Zaftig Solutions outbound call center services help companies to sell their products or reach out to new and existing customers with dignity and professionalism. The company has been managing various direct marketing and outbound-related campaigns, with existing clients from the energy, learning, and retail industries.

Inbound/Outbound Calls

Zaftig Solutions frees you from the monotony of outgoing calls. Our agents are professionally skilled and have knowledge in cold calling and telemarketing. It hires the best and most qualified candidates who can deal with the demands of work and who are accountable for the campaign’s overall success. Which explains why training your dedicated sales team is minimal. Your campaign can start right away.

 Benefits of outsourcing to Zaftig:

– Start your campaign immediately

– Increase selling time frame

– Spend less time on time-consuming calls

Our Services:

Lead generation
Marketing sales

Zaftig QA teams carefully evaluate and monitor every call and document information, areas of enhancement, summaries, and detailed statistical reports.

Sales team leaders observe the overall performance of the team with the goal of meeting sales targets. This is accomplished by making sure that each agent contributes to the objective.