A blended call center is proficient in both outbound and inbound call operations. Blended calls can take incoming calls and make outgoing calls.

If a call center has large amount of work to do, they divide their work between inbound and outbound skilled agents. In a blended call center, calls are arranged in a very systematic way so outbound call center agents can easily manage the bulk of calls from inbound agents if there is a need to handle calls.

The importance to blended call center operation is the combination of Predictive dialer and automatic call distribution in the telephony system. Automatic call distribution picks agents to answer incoming calls while predictive dialing joins agents only to phone numbers that answer a synchronized call.

A blended call center has this kind of technology; it reduces the amount of idle time of every agent. In other words, a blended call center with a distribution system can increase agent efficiency.

Outsourcing to offshore centers helps firms scale down on costs without having the negligence of customer service. Local call centers work 24/7 during the whole year, including international and national holidays.

The Advantages of Outsourcing to a Customer Service Call Center

Zaftig Solutions have the technology and knowledge to manage a high volume of calls. We have the ability to manage all types of calls blended calls. We can appoint, manage and handle agents on our client’s behalf.

Zaftig Solutions can offer the following services:

• Order taking

• Responding services

• Chat support

• General inbound call handling